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what should i do with my life?
for realsies?
I can't figure it out.
haha...ok...that's a good first step i suppose...

in all honestly, i really did laugh, in an out loud matter when i read your comment.

start your own fashion website and then make people pay you to photoshop their myspace pictures so that they look extra pensive/deep then go to a big city and sell waffle cones on the corner until you have regulars. i see you smiling in the future that i have created for you. smiling and laughing, oh how you are laughing.
trapeeze artist?

children's entertainer (juggling, puppet shows, telling stories...)?

some boring office job... with a corner office and tons of pretty pictures on the walls and exotic platns on the windowsills.

teaching ceramics or history?
heh thanks for the very diverse list of career oppurtunities for me.

p.s. when are we going to have lunch? Next week sometime? eh? eh?