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Helllllo Livejournal! It's been a while.

this was a pretty good weekend, Friday night Steve and i hung out with some of his friends which was fun, we didnt really do all that much, but it was still good times none-the-less.

Yesterday we went to a 4th of July family party thing at his Grandpa's place, which is absolutely freakin gorgeous. His grandpa and his grandpa's wife own the coolest things ever. First off they have an absolutely gorgeous collection of flowers in the shade gardens througout the property, and in those gardens as well as a few other places are these gorgeous statues, and not just any statues, but all of them from the actual places that they look like they should come from. I saw this really cool one, with a fountain attachment in the middle of children playing that is from thailand. I didnt see too much of the interior of their house, but what I did see seemed to be filled with the same cool artifacts. Plus the property is on a pretty lake. So that was gorgeous.

After the July festivities we went to tastefest to see The New Pornographers play which was fun. We met up with a couple of Steve's friends, and enjoyed the free concertness. I had forgotten that I've been to tastefest before, a couple of years ago, with betz and rosie, although I forget what band we saw, all i remember is watching from the parking garage. Do you guys remember that?

Today i only work from 8-2 which I'm really excited about, plus at 10 we're packing up the room so they can put in new carpeting, and then...i get 6 days in a row off! Yay! very exciting. I'll be in Commerce this week, so people are there should give me a call!