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So the last month has been I moved to East Lansing, and am now officially an MSU Spartan (not to say I wont be rooting for the good ol maize and blue come Saturday). I love the Art Education program here, especially my art ed class. Saturday morning I start teaching some Saturday morning art classes. I'm teaching 9-11 yr olds, I wanted to work with older kids, but this is an age group I'm at least familiar with. I really like the girl I'm partnered up to teach with too, we get a long really well and have quite similiar teaching philosophies. And next weekend I'm really excited for this Michigan Art Educators Association conference thingy, where among other things I will be learning how to fuse glass! (haha what a dork I've turned into, being excited over a conference). Hey if anyone is bored come Saturday afternoon they should visit East Lansing and watch the Michigan/Michigan State football game with me. It's great, cuz either way I'll be happy with the turn out! I have yet to actually go out around these parts, I need to start doing that.

So this is the crazy part of the semester where all of a sudden everything is due....I forgot about this stuff! papers, projects, and presentations; oh my! Oh well, I'm really happy with the way things are going thus far. Its also nice for the first time ever to live in the same city as the person I'm dating, although I'm not sure we see eachother more, but it is more accessible. It's also nice that I feel like I actually have made a few friends, which was something I was most definitely nervous about. I really like most of the students in the art school, and for the most part I'm pretty happy with my profs. This school year is going pretty well so far. in the paper today there was the most hilariously terrible "front page" article. Since a lot of people here are going to ann arbor this weekend for the game someone decided they would review some places in ann arbor, so people dont get so "lost" while they're there. And its atrociously horrible the things that they point out....evidently these are the places of interest in ann arbor: Sweet U candy store, Safe Sex Store, Backroom pizza, Red Hot Lovers, Rick's, Skeepers, and the Blind Pig. And while I'll admit that I love the Blind Pig, and the Safe Sex Store is an interesting store, that is probably the poorest review of a city that I've ever read. I dunno, I found it funny. Just because you can tell the only part of ann arbor the reviewer went to was the south university area, and there are plenty more interesting areas. It also criticizes ann arbor for being so confusing especially compared to east lansing, where downtown is very easy to navigate...and while I'll admit the downtown area here is much easier to navigate, i am ALWAYS getting lost on campus, something that didnt happen to me too often in ann arbor. I guess I'm just being a jerk about it, oh well.