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Ok, so I haven't written in my LJ for far too long...This needs to change, I like writing in LJ. Although, this will probably not change too much until late august, but I'm going to try and change it,....

My brain is going about 1000 miles a minute lately...been thinking wayyyy too much...

Tuesday I leave for Australia for 6 weeks! which is extremely scary and exciting! I've never been away from Michigan for that long, and i'm excited for the oppurtunity. I'm a bit nervous as well, things like this tend to change a person, and I wonder what perspectives of mine will change due to this trip, although anything that happens will be good, an experience such as this is invaluable.

Last night was Kellies wedding reception, it was beautiful. I had a lot of fun, I wish everyone had the oppurtunity to stay longer, I really miss all of my friends, I dont get to see anyone nearly enough. This year I want to travel more on weekends to see people (this should be easier since I wont have to teach on Saturday mornings which took huge chunks out of my weekend last year). Back to the reception though: Kellie looked beautiful, absolutely glamorous. I'm glad I've seen more of her lately, as well as her husband, getting to know him a little better. Last night was wonderful the more I think about it, I got to see so many people I never see.

Maybe in August I'll try to have some sort of picnic somewhere or something to try and see people. Who knows.

So I got my hair done yesterday, highlites, and they are a little (a lot) lighter than I thought they would be, and I'm not sure how I feel about them, accept for the fact that i know I spent too much money on them. They aren't terrible, I just dont know if I like them better than my old hair color or not, oh well, its just hair, i just feel weird everytime I look in the mirror.

It seems like everything is happening this weekend! And I didnt know about any of it until the last minute! I guess it makes sense with the fourth being next week and all, but still I wish I could go to everything that i know about!
Madame Cooper, it was swell seeing you last night. Best wishes on your Australian adventure!
Bon Voyage from the two of us! Have the most ass kicking adventure in the history of ass kicking adventures Schmessica! It was fabulous seeing you Friday. You looked beautiful!