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all in all a good good week

This week:

Mon: Work as normal, nothing out of the oridnary.
Tues: at work we had this hawaiin picnic lunch thing. It was awesome all U of M LSA Employees were there, and all dressed hawaiin-ish, and the most spirited department won a free catered breakfast...guess who won...My department, yay, the people with the cheesy fish hats didnt even beat us! It was a great afternoon. There were hawaiin shirts as far as the eyes could see, and free lunch too! I got some lei's and some free cups and a paddle ball and a mini ball....oh yeah...and tug of war!
Wed: Work as normal, then I bought a few new things at old navy which was fun
Thurs: Pizza party at work to say goodbye to Marin = just chilling for a while...Lansing for the evening!
Fri: Work as usual, or will it be? Then back to Lansing!
Sat: ****BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND***Saturday May 27th
Sun: Commerce (maybe swimming by the dam?)
Mon: Memorial Day = no work = relaxing

Lisa and i were planning a party for this Saturday, but then when we canceled it because we thought no one was coming we discovered people were planning on coming, so now it's back by popular demand.
When: Saturday May 27th 2006, around 3 pmish.
Where: Rochester Hills, at a park by Lisa's place
Why: FUN! And because its supposed to be nice out!
Who: Anyone! You should come! Give one of us a call or drop us an email!
Bring: Whatever you can think of to bring, food, balls, slip n slides...whatever you have!
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yup yup yup

Well it's been a while since I've written...But i just had a good weekend.

Thursday I moved a bunch of stuff into the place I'm subletting this summer. Friday I finished moving. Friday is also the day Steve came to visit (yay). He picked me up from work and then we rushed over to comcast so I could set up my cable, and then we rushed over to this guys place where I bought a futon for $20 (not the comfiest, but cheap none-the-less). We had "no thai" for dinner (a new thai take out place) and it was very yummy, mmm. I felt bad though, I had no cable/reception for us to watch the Pistons on. Later in the night there was a party across the street so we went over there, and that was fun. It was really nice to have a bed to go back to just across the street, rather than having to drive home. Saturday morning the cable guy came, and he hooked up my cable! yay. So i watched tv in all it's glory. And my parents came to bring my computer to me, so we ended up going out with them. Free Lunch! always good. The rest of the day was super relaxing, we went to pinball petes and won some tickets, and got some coffee and we went to Meijers, we just kind of did nothing for the rest of the day. It was realllllly nice. Sunday was kind of the same, and just really nice. Last night we saw "The Davinci Code" and it was ok. For the most part it follows the book, but there was one really stupid change I thought. Oh well, Audrey Tatou, and Gandolf were enough to entertain me none-the-less.

I wish it wasnt the week....the week is no fun.

I really need to create a to-do list
so here we go:

-buy new thing of ERA (since the last jug of it is currently spread out over the passanger side flooring of my car)
-get a mop
-NEW GLASSES! I need them to seeeeeeeee, and I think theyd be more comfortable to wear to work.
-Find a place to live in the fall
-Get acceptance letter (I hope)
-Call Kurt Bonser from PL
-Call Leeska (which I was supposed to do last night, whoops! im a jerk!)
-Rent "the squid and the whale"
-remember the other movie that i really wanted to rent.
-remember what other things should be on my to-do list
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Sublet or commute?

I need some advice...

So for once in my life I have a good paying job...the problem is it is in Ann Arbor, which is an hour away...(a little more in traffic)...So I am debating living there, but the thought of living with strangers scares me a bit, and since I will only be there for the summer I need to sublet. I am pretty sure that my friends' house is full, so I've been checking out craigslist...and I found a 1 bedroom for a very reasonable price ($350/mo plust under $20 for utilities/mo) I think I am going to look at it tomorrow, but I dont know if I should take it or not. I'm a bit scared of being lonely if I live by myself, and I also would like to save up as much money as possible since I am going back to school in the fall and have no idea what kind of a job I will have, because for the first time ever, I will be paying all of my own rent while going to school. I also know that I will still be driving lots to see people, and probably home once a week to do some laundry. So I dont know really...I keep bouncing back and forth on what to do. Good things about this place is it is very close to work, as well as the IM building(I can get my work-out on) and it comes with internet and cable and stuff, which is nice. Bad things is that I really want to see friends this summer and it will be harder to see a lot of people from ann arbor, but then again I can come home any night too, this was just be a place to crash sometimes. So I dont know if I should still look for somewhere cheaper where I might be a bit more uncomfortable by living w/ strangers....or if I should just sublet for half of the summer (as there are a lot of those) or just commute? Or just go for this very well priced single bedroom apartment....I dont know...argh...
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I haven't updated in a really long time, and I'm not quite sure as to why that is....

Well first I will post this:

So, next year in September I would like to move to the Lansingish area, and I would like to ask if anyone of you;
a) know of anyone looking for a roommate out there
b) know of any cheap places to live in the Lansingish area
c) know of any good jobs, especially ones related to art or education, or a combination of the two.

In other news...
I would really like to go to Grapids for Beth's show reception tomorrow. However, I work in ann arbor until 5, So I wouldnt even be able to make it there until the end of the reception, then I noticed the show is only going on this week and all during my work hours :(
I mean maybe I could get out of work early, if I skipped my lunch and all and get there by 6:30 I think, but then theres also the problem of it being quite a long drive to do alone twice in one night.
Betz! I would really like to see your stuff, tell me when you get it back/where it will be and i'll be there, with bells on even maybe.

Currently I'm trying to figure out what to do this summer. I dont know if I should commute, or live here. Obviously living in ann arbor would make things easier, but I REALLY need to save up money for the fall since who knows what I'll be doing then....So....arghhhh....I dont know what to do..meh

As of late, life has been verrrry different.

I finally go to quite World Market. I miss some of the people, most were nice, but I dont miss the job. I now work full-time in UofM's History of Art Department, and I'm making a little over what time and a half would've been at World Market....Plus this job will actually beef up my resume...ALWAYS a good thing.

I miss friends, a lot.
This summer my goal is to make plans, make plans, make plans, and maybe go on a few trips.

That's all for now...
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Things I have found out since I woke up and came to work this morning:
-Caitie and I might be living together next year, if we both get accepted :)
-I might be getting a new job here, thus higher pay, and more hours
-Hour increase here may lead to quitting world market
-I scheduled an appointment to write and essay that is part of my application process at MSU today.

Only downside:
-driving here 5 days a week might get a little annoying.
-summer? there's a lot to think about right now.
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Extended weekend.

Ok...great weekend

I took the whole thing off just to have a bit of a break. So last wednesday after work (in ann abor) I in a spontaneous last minute decided at work kind of moment, drove to lansing. Then I drove home the next morning for a dentist apptmt, which was immediately followed by heading back to Lansing. Thursday night was fun, I hung out with Steve and his friends, just kind of hanging out and drinking cranberry juice and raspberry vodka. Friday we then drove home, and had dinner out with Steve's parents and rented Melinda and Melinda which I liked but Steve reallllly did not. Saturday it was nice, so i wore a skirt which was wonderful, I love spring skirts. Steve and I also decided to go to the park and walk around. It was actually lots of fun, I took my camera and took some photos, which I haven't had the chance to do in a while, and was really missing. Later Leeska came over and eventually Charles joined and we all just kind of hung out and relaxed and watched the stupidest documentary ever, called "slut" on onDemand. Today I saw Failure to Launch with my parents and found it to be cute. I also had an irish feast at Steve's tonight.

Wow, when it's all written down it doesn't sound all that fun...but it really was great. Yay for Spring weather....please dont leave, you've been so wonderful this week.