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31 December
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1984, 916-call turk, alkaline trio, all that jazz, amélie, ani difranco, animal farm, art, at the drive in, atom and his package, azure ray, bear vs. shark, beatles, belle & sebastian, bjork, blur, bob dylan, books, bowling for columbine, boy sets fire, bright eyes, built to spill, candles, cartoons, catch 22, chasing amy, chuck palahniuk, collages, conan o'brien, concerts, counting crows, cuddling, david sedaris, descendents, dogma, douglas coupland, drawing, dropkick murphys, e.e. cummings, eels, elliott smith, elton john, fight club, film, films, fraggle rock, friendship, fugazi, garbage, garden state, getting my knit on, golden girls, goldfinger, graphic design, guster, he-man, hot hot heat, hugs, incubus, independent movies, indie, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jazz, jd, john cusack, jones soda, joydrop, kevin smith, kissing, kurt vonnegut, less than jake, louis armstrong, mashed potatoes, michael moore, mixed tapes, modest mouse, monty python, movies, muppets, murder city devils, music, my little ponies, neutral milk hotel, new york, npr, operation ivy, orwell, outkast, passion, pepper ann, photography, pinback, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, pride and prejudice, radiohead, rain, rainbow brite, reading, records, rent, rolling stones, run lola run, rx bandits, scrubs, sculpting, she-ra, simpsons, ska, snatch, sonic youth, sparta, stars, sublime, suicide machines, taking pictures, telegraph, the anniversary, the ataris, the cusacks, the family guy, the flaming lips, the killers, the kinks, the little mermaid, the nanny, the nightmare before christmas, the onion, the rentals, the simpsons, the stereo, the velvet underground, the wuzzles, thrift, tiny dancer, to kill a mockingbird, tolkein, tom petty, traveling, twilight zone, vegetarianism, view askew, weezer, wilco, writing, x-men, your song, zach braff

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